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EPOS Integration

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  1. Text Overlay Module - Journal Overlay

    EPOS to CCTV Journal Text Overlay Module

    Add EPOS journal text overlay function to your DVR.

    Some DVR's do not have the capability of intercepting the journal feed from your EPOS system. With the our new Text Overlay Module (TOM) you can now record your till activity and have it laid over your CCTV footage before it arrives at your DVR !

    Now all your sales information is automatically recorded with your CCTV footage.

    This is a hardware solution which will enable virtually any EPOS or CCTV software capable of throwing out data to either a customer display or a live journal port to feed the live sales data to your CCTV footage. The Text Overlay Module can be inserted between your terminal and the customer display, or in most cases directly to a seperate serial / RS232 port easily and overlay the sales data directly onto the CCTV footage.

    This type of Module is already used in many convenience stores, bars and restaurants but the costs of such devices have always been high. Now due to demand we have produced a cheaper solution without loosing any functionality.

    This solution can transmit one Jornal Feed per device attached and will not be restricted by your CCTV DVR or software.

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  2. QVIS Apollo DVR

    Apollo 16 Channel simultaneous Playbank DVR with ATM/Journal Overlay Capability

    • 16 Channels of Full D1 Real Time Recording - 25 Frames per second
    • BS8418 Complaint DVR Suitable for Central Monitoring
    • 16 Channel simultaneous Playback
    • 1080P Real time preview
    • Industry leading GUI (Graphics User Interface)
    • Simple timeline on playback
    • Email mantainance trigger
    • Fully compatible with our ATM/POS Products (Journal Overlays)
    • Email snapshot on motion trigger
    • Integrated DVD Writer
    • PTZ Control
    • Biodirectional Audio
    • HDMI + VGA + BNC Outputs
    • 16 Channel Alarm Inputs + 6 Channel Alarm Outputs
    • Easy Backup via USB and Network Download
    • Fast Dual Core Processor
    • H.624 Compression
    • Supports 8 SATA HDD Drives
    • 1 Channel Spot Output + Matrix Output as Standard
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